Our bread and butter since the 50s

While the specifics of our service offering have changed greatly over the years, Superior has always been working on and in petroleum storage tanks. This expertise continues to this day.

In any tank project we undertake, there are similar steps we perform:

  1. Working with the customer and/or an environmental company, empty the tank of product.
  2. Put air on the tank and remove all fuel vapor(s)
  3. Enter the tank
  4. Remove all remaining residual

From there, the steps can change based on the scope of work for the customer and what type of tank we’re repairing.


Safety is our utmost concern when performing a tank repair. Entering a confined space is dangerous work, and we follow all OSHA regulations to ensure that we are properly preparing the space for entry, logging the entry, using appropriate safety gear and always watching out for one another.


When we enter tanks, we want to find and correct all problems so that the tank continues in service for many more years. We offer a full one year workmanship warranty on our tank repair work. If a problem surfaces which is caused by work we performed, call us and we’ll make it right.

Can all tanks be repaired?

Sadly, no. Sometimes, especially with fiberglass, the tank integrity is too weak, in too many points, for any repair to be effective long-term. This is, unfortunately, one of the risks with tank repair – sometimes we make the trip, clean the tank and make it safe for entry, only to discover we cannot repair it. In those rare cases, we immediately inform our customer so that they can make the best decision for their needs as to how to move forward.