Veeder-Root Certification Required

In 2020, the state of NC clarified that all technicians who test Gilbarco Veeder-Root components as part of a compliance test (ATGs, alarms etc), must have manufacturer certification in order for their testing results to be acceptable by the state.

This caused quite a bit of confusion (and consternation) in the testing industry when this clarification came out because even though the Veeder-Root methodology had always included this certification requirement, it had never been enforced by the state. The agency gave testing companies until April 1, 2021 to achieve the necessary certifications.

In December, when we started researching this mandate, we found that the only way to get our testers certified was through in person classes, but due to COVID-19 the attendance was limited and so we weren’t sure how all testing company staff would be able to get certified by the deadline.

Luckily, Veeder-Root came out with online training soon after and all of our NC technicians were able to complete the necessary levels of technician training in order to be certified to perform all necessary testing on Veeder-Root components, by the April deadline.

Our WV+VA technicians are currently also getting this certification, even though it isn’t required in their states – partly because it’s a great education for them, and also so that, in a pinch, we can deploy them to NC sites if we have need – it’s the right thing to do.

Education – what are containment sumps?

Are you new to the petroleum industry?

Periodically, we find and share helpful information to newcomers to our industry. The website URL below is a great resource for understanding what sumps are and the different types of sumps you would typically see at a gas station facility: